I have been playing games all my life so I knew that video game development was the perfect career choice. Over the past few years, I’ve refined my skills in programming and production, two big passions of mine, which has proven to make me a valuable part of any team. I steadily rose to my current leadership position of Chief Development Officer at CSU Long Beach’s Video Game Development Association  (VGDA) where I have worked with some of the most talented people I have ever met. I am a part of, and even founded my very own, indie groups. I am currently producer and programmer at Astronaut T-Rex Studios, a group formed by my former VGDA president. On top of that, I founded my very own indie group called Monument Games where I am also a producer and programmer. One huge passion of mine, that many know me for, is my love of particle systems. I find it so fascinating how a few simple particle systems can really make a difference in a game. I am always learning how to make bigger, better, and more complex systems that push the games I create to the next level. All the particle systems you see on my portfolio website are made by me at different points in my journey, from the very beginning to where I am today. When I am not creating fantastic and magical worlds, I love to enjoy everything else in life. Playing video games, hanging out with friends and loved ones, and camping to name a few.
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